As oil prices continue to linger in the $50 per barrel range, everyone in the industry is looking to cut expenses. Whether you’re a big-time operator or independent landman, chances are you’ve slashed your budget and have been looking at ways to become more efficient.  Even with these difficulties, those who intelligently respond to the current economic climate stand to be successful, and the ability to quickly and easily evaluate deals and run well economics are among the most important variables essential to that success.

Up until now, the selection of oil and gas economic software programs has been tiny.  With the main players being PHDWin, Aries and Power Tools, smaller operators and independent contractors have been priced out, and larger entities have been stuck paying over $20,000 for cumbersome tools.  Fortunately, Drillnomics is taking the industry by storm, disrupting the market and giving small and large companies alike the power to screen deals and build economic models quicker and more effectively than ever before.


Drillnomics is priced so that every company in the oil and gas industry can afford it. With annual subscriptions of $1,500 and monthly plans available at $150/month, Drillnomics costs a fraction of the $6,000-$25,000 that other companies charge.


Unlike competitors’ products, Drillnomics is web-based.  This means that a license is not attached to a single computer or network.  You can log into your account and access your projects on any smart phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.


Drillnomics offers ongoing support, free tutorials and online webinars  to all subscribers.

Simplicity/Time Saving:

One of the biggest reasons subscribers switch to Drillnomics is because it saves time.  Unlike cumbersome programs, which often take hours or days to run an evaluation, Drillnomics users can evaluate complex producing (PDP) and non-producing (PUD) oil and gas interests in minutes.  Even massive E&P companies are using Drillnomics to screen large deals and gain powerful insight into the economic value of various drilling opportunities.


Although intuitive, Drillnomics offers cutting edge analytical capabilities.  Whether you’re looking to appraise the value of mineral rights and royalties, or evaluate the feasibility of an entire drilling program, Drillnomics gives you the power to create detailed build-out models to determine the PV values of cash flows for  both producing and non-producing interests.

If you are interested in trying Drillnomics, you can get a free seven-day trial by submitting a contact form at , emailing, or calling 615-523-2663.  Free weekly demos and Q&As are also offered online and in-person at select cities across the USA.  Please visit our website for instructional videos.

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